Spicy…!  닭 떡볶이…

Everyone in my family is busy this evening and I have been craving super spicy Korean food!  Yes!  I made it SUPER spicy and it is so good…  Just enjoying my specialty all by myself ~~~

4 thoughts on “Spicy…!  닭 떡볶이…

      1. Yes, you should 😊 I would have to say the most popular and well known are the Korean BBQ ribs and Korean beef: Kalbi 갈비 and Bul-Go-Gi 불고기. These are not spicy at all but if you want spicy, go for spicy stews, noodles and seafood with spicy sauces! You will be glad you tried but you have to make sure you have to go to a good restaurant! Not all Korean restaurants are good…
        Good Luck!

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