It’s Like Writing In a Journal…


Here I go…

I have always been very intrigued by photography but was always afraid to get close…

I would see awesome black and white copies of random still life or beautiful nature/landscapes that would just consume you in all of its rays of unimaginable colors and wonder… just how does one take such an incredible shot? How I wished I could be the eye behind those photos I would encounter.

Well, it certainly took long enough… My soul mate gifted me my very first DSLR one Mother’s Day and I have been staring at it not knowing exactly what to do to make my visions come alive.

Timing is everything… I found a perfect class for me one summer and was hooked for life. I am now a student of Photography and hoping to continue my exciting journey through my Nikon Eye!

I feel that this adventure I am about to embark is like writing in a journal. I want to document, explore, and capture everything so one day I could look back and be reminded that the impact of an image is more than words could ever describe…



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